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Liver Ultrasound

A liver ultrasound, also known as a liver scan is non-invasive and painless image diagnostics test that is conducted to evaluate the liver’s functions as well as the blood flow in this vital organ. 

The liver ultrasound is known to be one of the most effective and frontline diagnostics tools to identify a range of liver issues, from fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis to liver cancer. 

The liver scan is especially useful in differentiating between liver cysts and masses and provides a better understanding of any liver abnormalities. 

The liver ultrasound image diagnostic test works on the principles of sonar, the same technology used by navies to detect planes and ships. 

In cases where the liver scan needs to check hard to scan regions of the organ, a radioactive dye can be administered for clearer images. 

The contrast material has nearly no side effects and gets flushed out via urine within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TMT Test

A liver ultrasound generates images of the liver using sound waves.

A liver ultrasound can take somewhere between 20- 40 minutes.

Yes. A liver ultrasound is a completely safe procedure.

No. A liver ultrasound doesn't have any side effects.

Fasting is required before going for a liver ultrasound. You must not consume food for 8 hours before the exam.

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