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Heart CT Scan

A heart CT scan is a CT scan sub-type that is conducted to detect and identify a range of cardiovascular disorders. 

This image diagnostics technique provides high-quality images of the heart, blood vessels, and surrounding structures. 

The heart CT scan is also known as a calcium-score screening heart scan that primarily aims at determining the presence of calcium deposits in the plaque of those suffering from heart ailments. 

This heart CT scan test evaluates the density of coronary calcium, wherein the higher the calcium content, the more at risk you are for cardiovascular disorders in the future. There are two main types of CT coronary scans, namely:

  • Coronary calcium scan: To determine the build-up of calcium in the heart’s arteries
  • CT angiography: To check for the narrowing blockage of the heart’s arteries

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Frequently Asked Questions about TMT Test

The test takes pictures of the heart and its surrounding vessels to look for blockages or any other cardiovascular issues.

A heart CT scan can take around 15 to 30 minutes.

A heart CT scan can be a safe procedure as long as there is no overexposure or repeated exposure to radiation.

A heart CT scan can have side effects if you are exposed to radiation for a longer duration. Repeated procedures are not recommended.

There are several things to keep in mind. You will be asked to change, so wear comfortable clothing that can be easily changed and remove any jewellery. Apart from that, you must not eat for 4-6 hours until the procedure is over. You must also avoid diet pills and carbonated and caffeine drinks. Please instruct the healthcare provider about the medicines you take.

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